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The warranty for the real Italian wine

Winecert is a web portal to protect the Italian wine producers and consumers who want the guarantee that the bottle they buy corresponds to what is described in its label.

This project, unique in its kind, has been subjected to patent, and allows all wine producers, who want to protect their brand, to use this fantastic certification tool to ensure the equivalence of each product with its producer.

How does it function?

video How does it function?

Who can certify the authenticity of your wine?

The request for the authenticity certification may be submitted by all wine producers, who sell both in Italy and especially abroad, to guarantee the authenticity of the bottle purchased by its customers.

This project is dedicated mainly to producers who have important customers and distributors abroad, and it is designed to eradicate the widespread phenomenon of wine counterfeiting and Italian sounding especially abroad.

In Italy and elsewhere, there are verification and control trademarks such as PDO, PGI, etc ..., but they fail to ensure properly the authenticity of each product, unfortunately, with the consequence of easy falsification.

With our system, especially designed for Italian wines, there is no chance to duplicate a bottle of wine, because the safety of our system is guaranteed by various factors that make it unique.

The customers protection is the first objective of our project, especially for customers who are often unaware of the product they are purchasing, and for this reason it is necessary to provide them with a better guarantee for their health and at the same time properly protect from any food scam the brand of each winery.

Because of the methodology used by our method, you have the assurance of protecting each product, unlike many other technologies, such as NFC, or using electronic chips. Here's our in-depth related to these technologies.

The anti-counterfeiting system also has additional packages designed to perform a traceability of each bottle of wine, useful for marketing and to control the chain of sale.

Certification Benefits

Our system has many advantages both for the customer and the producer, it guarantees full traceability of the producer's product and in this way it prevents counterfeiting.

The core values of the project are as listed below:

  1. Brand Protection.
  2. The guarantee of every product placed on the global market.
  3. Impossibility of duplication and counterfeiting.
  4. Immediate verification of the technical data sheet in both pre-sale and after-sale.
  5. The system provides an added value compared both for the consumer and producer.
  6. Easy to use.

Wine traceability

Thanks to our certification system, we ensure the authenticity of each bottle allowing each buyer to check it by himself in an easy way.

System operation for the customer

After purchasing the wine, a customer will find an indication of this web portal on the label (either in Italian or in English), where he or she can check personally if the bottle has actually been produced by the producer he or she choose, verifying the wine characteristics such as the year of manufacture , etc.

The control is simple and requires no computer knowledge, you simply enter the secret code associated to each bottle, which is concealed by a cover system (to scratch off), also used in rechargeable telephone cards.

Obviously the secret code is unique and not replicable, it results from a sophisticated algorithm and only the person who has physically the bottle can check it, because the code is closely linked to that particular product.

Once you have purchased a wine bottle, you can verify the code and it will be immediately deleted from the web in order to prevent the code replication.

Who we work for

Winecert is designed for those producers who wish to be guaranteed against counterfeiting by a system that ensures every single bottle.

System operation for the producer

The producer has to apply the label containing the hidden secret code supplied by us on each bottle of wine.

This code is provided directly from our staff, who adds it to the website, after having associated the code to each product, so that the equivalence is only one.

Our certification system has at its disposal an infinite amount of codes and therefore usable for any producer who wants to protect its brand.

The certainty that your product is not falsifiable, offers a guarantee of quality as well as business opportunities with expert clients, who look for that particular wine.

The certification system does not require additional time from the producers and it has very low costs if you consider the impact of counterfeiting and duplication.

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Wine counterfeiting

The fight against counterfeiting is the only efficient way to protect both producers and consumers, ensuring the quality of the wine and the protection of trademarks and wineries.

The Winecert system is based on an algorithm that is impossible to decipher and devoid of numerical series, the code results from a complex calculation based on data transformations, which make each code an entity indecipherable without the owner software, which is not distributed, because it is used only by us.

Each code is closely linked to each bottle, being correlated with many parameters, such as the year of manufacture, the technical data and other parameters inserted appropriately to make the code unique!

This project has been subjected to patent and is the only existing patent of this kind for the food industry, it has passed all tests and experimentations successfully, offering the guarantee to eliminate wine counterfeiting and of all other products that use this certification system.

If you want to protect your brand and ensure the uniqueness of your product, this is the right certification method for you, easy to use for both the producer and the customer, and what is more important it does not require any extra time and work for the method’s implementation.

We distrust anyone who uses our trademark and patent both registered for improper use and which violates current regulations. Below is the evidence found on the web.

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