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Expo Milano 2015

From 1st to 4th June 2015 Winecert will be presented at Expo in Milan at Casa Abruzzo, the location in the city centre chosen by the Italian Region Abruzzo for the Universal Exhibition, Casa Abruzzo is located in the heart of the Brera shopping area, more precisely in via Fiori Chiari (at the corner with via Formentini 9).

In this context, the project creator Eng. Mirko Tarantelli, after being chosen by a special selection dedicated to the Expo predominant theme of food enhancement and protection, presents this anti-counterfeiting system, explaining to producers and consumers the method’s features and peculiarities as well as the results achieved with the technology used in the project.

In recent years food counterfeiting, and wine in particular, has reached very worrisome levels, and as repeatedly stated in this website, such phenomenon damages producers, consumers and also the Italian treasury.

For this reason the use of a system that guarantees the originality of each bottle is a valuable tool in the fight against wine counterfeiting and falsification taking into consideration that wine is a loved product appreciated worldwide and therefore exported all over the world.

At this event we will also bring along some relevant statistical data, that will give visitors the chance to reflect on this phenomenon and that will debunk some common ideas; for example, many people think that wine counterfeiting is a phenomenon that affects solely exported products but unfortunately it occurs and is developing more and more mainly in Italy.

Therefore we invite all users, consumers, producers, sales agents and all other people involved in the wine industry to visit us to see how important and useful our system may be and to collect more information about our project.

Benefits for wine producers

Another service offered to all producers who join our anti-counterfeiting system is to sponsor their bottles at our events and show them directly to interested consumers coming to visit our stands.

Our marketing strategy consist not only in showing to customer which products are certified against counterfeiting and ensuring their originality, but it consist also in enhancing the value of a producer who is present on the market with such certified products, in this way the consumer will know which producers raised their products security level!

If you have a wine company, you can protect your business and enhance its value thanks to Winecert. You can get a free quote filling in the form on the right.

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