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About Us

Winecert is an integral part of a major project on the protection of all Italian food products and it has been designed by Mirko Tarantelli, telecommunications engineer and freelancer in the field of web, SEO and computer networks.

The passion for local products and especially the protection of the Italian culinary heritage were the starting point for an innovative idea aimed at protecting producers and consumers.

In recent years you can hear more and more news all around the world presenting the problem of Italian wine counterfeiting and several a lot of wine producers, who have used their resources to achieve a quality product, have lost on competitiveness because of other competitors who have used their brand creating products that apparently look identical to the authentic ones, but actually do not derive from grapes, but from dust, derivatives, etc.

The system developed by Eng. Mirko Tarantelli allows you to protect producers and their products and especially allows the buyer to check and ascertain that the purchased bottles are really the ones produced by the winery in question.

If all the producers use this method, there would be no counterfeit bottles, because it’s impossible to duplicate the system.

For more information on activities and provided services, you can view www.studiotarantelli.it.