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Mirko Tarantelli, creator of the patented system used for Winecert, was awarded on 2nd December 2017 by the Chamber of Commerce of L'Aquila with the following mention: "Patent holder for invention of particular social and economic value".

This honor represents a careful participation of institutions and consumers towards an anti-counterfeiting system dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Made in Italy in the world.


Winecert has participated as starring on June 16, 2016 at RicostruiAMOci event, organized by Order of Engineers of L'Aquila and by CNI.


From 1st to 4th June 2015 Winecert will be presented at Expo Milano. Info

Vinitaly 2015, interview on the Italian News to Eng. Mirko Tarantelli, creator of Winecert illustrating the simple operation of the anti-counterfeiting system he invented. [2015, March 22nd-25th]