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Questions and Answers

faq counterfeiting of Italian winesBut I am a small producer and nobody counterfeits my wines.

Small producers often do not understand that wine counterfeiting is a phenomenon as sneaky as dangerous for big producers as for them.

Many producers are often unaware of the falsification of their products and mostly when they find it out it is already too late.

Counterfeiting affects not only the brand but also the type of wine, as for example Barolo, Chianti, Brunello, Amarone, etc ... therefore all producers of that type of wine are damaged by this phenomenon and reducing it would result in the increase of the market share of each one of these producers.

Winecert guarantees the reduction of counterfeiting and if all producers use this method, there would be no counterfeiting anymore.

I already have the ministerial bands and I do not need anything else.

Well, Winecert does not replace the ministry; on the contrary it strengthens its bands' security.

Especially abroad, but also in Italy, consumers do not always know how to understand if the ministerial bands are authentic, as it is the case for banknotes despite them being used every day.

Unfortunately, despite the help of bands, there are still cases of counterfeiting and therefore the method, although helpful, has not eradicated the problem!

Our anti-counterfeiting system is verified directly by the purchaser who can easily check by himself that the purchased product is really what he wants and above all he can control his bottle anywhere in the world.

Could Winecert be an efficient tool to increase sales?

For sure! Winecert is an anti-counterfeiting system that does not only protect producers and consumers against counterfeiting, but it also provides them with an added value if you think about the comparison between certified bottles and all other bottles that do not have this very easy to use innovative tool.

If you imagine to be a consumer, try to think about how you would behave when you purchase a bottle of wine.

If you take into consideration the same type of wine, with the same cost and tradition, etc ... the certainty of what you are drinking and a guarantee of the purchased product is a considerable added value to focus on, together with Winecert advertising of wine producers on various sponsorship channels.

My wine is sold only in the surroundings of my company and I do not risk counterfeiting.

As mentioned previously, the counterfeiting of any type of wine is a market share that all producers of that type of wine lose.

That means that not having your own wine counterfeited today, doesn't mean that you are not affected by the problem, because you could sell more and have a great added value thanks to Winecert.

The project is very good, but I do not want to spend more money.

Winecert is not an expense, it is an investment.

Ensure that your own wine is not falsifiable or counterfeited is a security that few companies can offer.

Therefore to benefit from this very important feature and add it to the fact of being able to offer a customer oriented system, allow the producer to increase his own business and give an additional image of quality for the buyer.