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Traceability of each bottle of wine

Traceability of each bottle of wine

The Winecert system includes many additional applications, useful to manufacturers to check the status of each bottle of wine.

One of these applications allows full traceability of each sold bottle, checking the sale area of a single product, or for those who want, it is also possible to know the exact place of purchase.

In this way it is possible to quantify with absolute certainty the sold bottles and plan a marketing action focused on each year of production.

Many customers have asked us this useful application because, besides being a plus for their business, it can trace with certainty the entire supply chain from producer to consumer.

On this basis you can add many services, ranging from the identification of the wine shop or the trader that has sold the bottle, to the possibility to identify the quality of every dealer and many other aspects.

Some producers have discovered parallel markets of sale and supply and with this highly customizable controls you can structure an anti-counterfeiting solution and traceability to ensure the originality of each wine bottle to the end consumer and solve all the problems of food adulteration.

These additional systems of Wincert are intended to facilitate producers and improve the business and resources available in each zone, optimizing the sales and the quality of the supply chain.

At the end of each year, all extrapolated data are delivered to producers in Excel format, so they can be used and manipulated them as needed.

If you want more applications to join them to the Winecert system and you want to fight the Italian sounding, contact us immediately by writing to the form on the right, send us your requests and you'll get a customized quote with no obligation.