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Italian Sounding

italian soundingThe phenomenon of Italian sounding is unfortunately evolving and expanding and it is present in products sold around the world who have a "sound" similar to the original and that confuses consumers.

There are many famous wines affected by this scam, such as Brunello di Montalcino, touted as the Monticino, or the Barolo as Barollo, the Valpolicella as Vinoncello, the Chianti as Cantia and many others who damage our Made in Italy!

Despite the application of labels, logos, ministerial bands on the bottles, the phenomenon of Italian sounding is still present and the authorities fail to curb this serious problem.

Winecert can do a lot eliminating the problem at its source, because with this system it is impossible to duplicate the bottle and do not certify the originality.

Recent statistics say that in Italy the counterfeiting and Italian sounding cost three hundred thousand jobs and 60 billion euro, data that make you think about the importance and speed of finding concrete solutions.

As often reiterated in this website, our anti-counterfeiting system is not a substitute of brands, names and ministerial systems, but it can concretely solve the problem at source, simply and with reliable results.

In various events such as Vinitaly and Expo in which we have participated as exhibitors, all visitors have considered Winecert as a valid method that really fights the Italian sounding, and both producers and consumers were excited to use an innovative system to protect Italian products.

What should a producer?

Our anti-counterfeiting project is dedicated to all food products, so if your company is producing cold cuts, cheese, oil, etc, please contact us for more info.

Of all these foods, the wine is one of the most falsified and for this reason we decided to start from this product, but as mentioned above, the system protects all foods.

You can contact us through the form by entering all production details, as number of produced bottles per year or which want to protect, and after you'll get a free estimate with some useful system information.

Apply Winecert labels on all bottles and sponsoring it through all sales channels, it allows the consumer to be informed about the use of this system that solves the Italian sounding.

If all producers use our system, the Italian sounding would no longer exist!

In addition, we perform an advertising activity for all affiliates, included in our services, exposing in each national and international fair event a few bottles of each producer who has chosen our anti-counterfeiting system and delivering the business card of the sales representative, for a direct contact, maximizing visibility for all wine producers.

The advertising allows consumers to learn that you can verify the originality of new bottles and also provides visibility to those who are not currently your customer and that chooses the conscious purchase of a original product. In this way, you gain a market share of competitors that are not currently using Winecert.

Aren't you a wine producer, but a food products producer? Contact us equally, because this system subjected to patent is dedicated to all food products, and soon the service will be available also for your company.

What should a Customer?

The consumer should only use the service as it is shown in the label and be sure that he bought an original Italian product.

The Italian sounding is not longer a problem if originality is guaranteed worldwide through Winecert!

If you think that our project is valid, you can sponsor it on social networks, so everyone can know it and use it.